Department & Ministries

I. Department of Christian Missions

Contact: Pastor James Washington 216-754-9723
1. Soul Patrol [S/T]
  • Quarterly Mailings
  • Acts of Compassion (Christ. Counseling)
  • Acts of Service (Community Service)
  • Acts of Kindness (e.g. light bulbs)
  • Community Evangelism
2. Christian Discipleship Counselors [S/T]
3. Fifth Sunday Special Presentations
4. Shoe Box Gifts
5. Missionary Assistance


II. Department of Christian Education

Contact: Pastor Elijah Span 216-407-4170
1. Discipleship Training [S/T]
  • Pre-members Orientation
  • Young Disciples Hour
  • Bible School (youth & adult)
  • Bible Class (youth & adult)
  • Vacation Bible School (youth & adult)
  • Small Groups (men's, women's, singles', couples', etc.)
  • Care-Cell
2. In-service Training (for ministries) [S/T]
3. Leadership Training [S/T]
4. Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats
5. Church Library


III. Department of Christian Social Services – Deacon/ess' Ministry

Contact: Harvey Jones 317-250-2470
1. Sick & Shut-in Ministry (tapes, communion, and visitation)
2. Nuclear Family for the Elderly
3. Food & Clothing Pantries (through the City Mission)
4. Deacon's Fund (financial assistance) [N/A]


IV. Department of Service Related Ministries

Contact: Sister Margie Span 216-407-8760
1. Sunday Morning Worship Service
2. Music Ministry
  • Worship & Praise Team
  • Musicians
3. Fine Arts Ministry (dancers & drama)
4. Host/hostess (usher) Ministry
5. Tape Ministry [S/T]
6. Children's Message
7. Weekly Prayer Service
8. New Year's Eve "Night Watch" Service


V. Department of Christian Fellowship

Contact: Andrea Perry 216-801-9090
1. Monthly Christian Fellowship Activity
2. Family Fun Night
3. Annual Church Picnic
4. Men's Fellowship Ministry
5. Women's Fellowship Ministry
6. Singles' Fellowship Ministry
7. Couples' Fellowship Ministry


VI. Department of Christian Counseling [S/T]

Contact: Rochelle Keith 216-371-8909
1. Counseling (bibliocentric)
  • Addictive compulsive behaviors
    • Thorn in the Flesh (self-help)
  • Anxiety
  • Critical incidents
  • Depression
  • Family
  • Grief recovery
  • Marriage
  • Pre-marriage
  • Spiritual
  • Etc.
2. Community Assistance Program
3. Mediation Ministry
4. Christian Counseling Related Trainings
5. Discipleship Counselors


VII. Department of Youth Related Ministries [S/T]

Contact: Pastor Elijah Span 216-407-4170
1. Young Disciples' Hour
2. Youth Church (1st Sunday)
3. Monthly Children's Fellowship Activity
4. Monthly Teen Fellowship Activity
5. Youth Night (Wednesday night Bible class)
6. "Fall" Harvest Festival (October 31st)


VIII. Department of Church Affairs – Trustee Ministry [N/A]

Contact: Janis Mack 216-262-6485
1. Disbursement/Management of Funds
2. Financial Record Keeping
3. Procurement of Church Assets
4. Management of Church Assets (i.e. papers, furniture, equipment, tools, supplies, etc.)
5. Facility Management
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Church Clean-up
6. Audio/Video Ministry [S/T]
7. Court Community Service (supervision)


IX. Pastoral Staff

1. Senior Pastor: Elijah Span 216-407-4170
2. Associate Pastor: James Washington
3. Associates Pastors: N/A
4. Associate Ministers: Michael Crawford and Arthur Hendricks


X. Administrative Staff

1. Board of Elders: Senior Elder Thomas Sanford
2. Senior Pastor: Pastor Elijah Span 216-407-4170
3. Church Administrator: Evelyn Hendricks
4. Church Clerk Staff
5. Church Secretary Staff: Tanya Boone


XI. Standing Committees

1. Brochure
2. Budget (trustees & dept. directors) [N/A]
3. Decorating
4. Discipline (Board of Elders) [N/A]
5. Membership Committee
6. Public Relations


[N/A] = Not available for new members.
[S/T] = Special training needed.

Consider Being Our Guest

We cordially invite you to attend one of our services and/or ministries. We would love for you to give us an opportunity to demonstrate just how much to care about you and your family. Upon your visit, you can expect a warm greeting, a loving atmosphere, encouragement though biblical instruction, and a challenge to become the best you you can be.