We Care About You

His Story:

The fact that He was Deity that manifested Himself in human flesh to demonstrate God’s genuine love and concern for Mankind, and in His present ministry, He provides for and protects His Church—which is His Body, and He never ceases to intercede for us. We, His Body, look forward to His return—when He will gather us together for a dwelling He has prepared for us.

His Gospel:

That is the Good News of the fact that salvation from the penalty of sin has been made available to mankind through His Death—which paid for all our sins; His Burial—which provided proof of His death; His Resurrection—which was a receipt indicating that His death was propitiation (payment in full) for our sins.

His Love:

Love means nothing without being expressed. He expressed His love by coming to earth to manifest God to us, by giving us an example of a consequence-free lifestyle, by sharing with us His wisdom through His teachings, by dying for many sins so that we may have relationship with God, By leaving His Church, His Body, to demonstrate His love to all we come in contact with.

We desire that all know His story, His gospel, and His love. We share this through acts of kindness, compassion, and benevolence, because love means nothing without expression.

Consider Being Our Guest

We cordially invite you to attend one of our services and/or ministries. We would love for you to give us an opportunity to demonstrate just how much to care about you and your family. Upon your visit, you can expect a warm greeting, a loving atmosphere, encouragement though biblical instruction, and a challenge to become the best you you can be.